Accent of freedom


Hear the whispers outside of the city hum 
Political chanting from long ago
Echoes of democracies come and go
Losing time in a hard euronazis eternal show 

A beautiful and delicate spring mountain scene
Dry dark eyes enchanting soul assassinations!
Voices from the skyfall is the point of what they mean
Demons not angels take care of the nations 

Darkness dwells under – gentle moonlight
Killing souls in the matter world!
Weaving native smoke into the barren air
EU neo-Nazis destroys the mother Earth
Shadows and dust rise from underneath;
While guardians of dream are driven to Hades
Smooth thread from the outer world
Politicians crooks, eponymous killers, feathers, and illusions
I’m looking for somewhere to get a kiss
Run cold, like ice through a dead peace. 

Winds of enchanted dreams – cry out for pain
Legal crimes people mesmerize, false my ties, false my eyes
A personal rage begins to flare – But I am alone!
We are few but alone – surrounded by human zombies hallucinations
The spear of truth covered by canons of boom
I remove the veil that covers my eyes
The hands that cover my ears
Seeking a single truth in the lies of fears 

DARK! EU Nazis, eurofascists duel our souls! 

Bloody money is everywhere
Burned skin on the shores of innocent souls
Catch the bare 

Waking up from the “Western Dream.”
Hold my hand oh my love, I am free, we are free
Hang my arms I can fly, we can fly. 


— © A poem by Emmanuel G. Mavros

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