Black Sparrows

“Black Sparrows”

I sit in the courtyard of sadness
Wind blowing through my hair
With swans peacefully swimming on the lake
But I just can’t seem to care
While life goes on around me
I do not want to participate
In treacherous moving
And all you do is waiting
I dream about the day
That someone come to me
No meaning of the important
Why can’t people see?
Reached the summer
Now spring again
Winter eyes of your absence
And the year will have diminished
No one have the idea how much I cry
The pain were around me
In living and let die
It’s hard out there
With fascists everywhere
And you to be hide from your fears
With no fight
I must pretend all is fine
Everyone thinks all’s okay
Who are you?
What are you?
Is that I cry for you every day?

— © A poem by Emmanuel G. Mavros

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