Quotation – “From the Child Without a Trace of Sin” 7


It echoes from afar,
A rare melody
Which raises the spirit
And crosses the five seas of sadness.
This element causes you to fall
Into the shallow, frigid waters of truth
Without your acceptance of any promises.
The melody continues…
We are the guilty ones!
We were born under curse!
We chopped our lives in two,
To accept the rejection of madness,
Thinking that, in this way,
We could neutralise our foes,
And drive the tyrants towards their graves.
We sold out imagination!
We surrendered our pain!
Blocking egress to any miracle,
Ending every hope.
We bought into the selling out,
Became friends with elimination.
We sell out beauty,
We teach sin,
When we could offer what they always seek,
Peace, tranquillity.
They eliminate us, attempting
To never let us re-enter the game,
As we would sell out for something else…
As we will always be sell-outs!
Thus, like strangers in our own land,
Never do we try to change something in our lives;
Yet, always do we bring forth what they promised!
And it continues…
From afar…
This rare melody.
In the end, we are the guilty ones,
We massacre, we bloody
And, every chance given us in the future,
We are able and we will act,
Leaving behind our chance at a miracle.
Yet, this miracle is what we require,
And we will throw it away…
We continue…
We give them diamonds!
We teach them theft!
Stopping at the end of our madness
We become lost…
Feeling pain on all sides,
The pain we worked for!
Because we will sell ourselves for something else…
Because we will always be sell-outs!
And, like a sell-out I finish,
Leaving with nothing else to say…
And now, after all of this,
After so many years of life…
They will shout that we are beautiful,
That we do it all,
So we can enter their circles.
Whatever they promise us,
The doors will remain closed
With our children living and surviving,
With the same sin.
Because we will sell ourselves for something else…
Because we will always be sell-outs!

— © Emmanuel G. Mavros “From the child without a trace of sin”

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