If I were to leave this world today
I’d want to be remembered it’s true,
I want music play and full of flowers in my grave room
And I always protect you just to show my love for you.
I’d want for you to be proud of me
And follow my ideas and acts everything that I tried,
For freedom and ekphrasis of love and never cry.
I’d want you to be compassionate to never turn away,
From some people when show you their hate.
I’d want you to know I’m sorry if I ever caused you pain,
From my mistakes and forgive me just the same.
Give second chances and don’t turn your face to human being
We are all equal creatures to One
With the same heart and same mind
With skin, veins and blood
And if the time comes to says “it’s time to go”,
We only have today to let our feelings show.
Remember this moment and my last words to you
We are angels from the soul and our power is love.

— © A poem by Emmanuel G. Mavros

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