The sun rises in earth


“The sun rises in earth”

From the tiger eyes perspective
The sun rises in earth
Needing the east, needing the west
all importance is placed
on the shadows of parliament end,
but I am on the rock,
without a stop
I am in the smoke and the noise –
I’ m in the fight of our choice.
I am looking down at the road of veins
People are shouting for freedom prays;
wondering how they did it –
The republic of no one
between power and thieves.

I am living in I am not coming home
I ride and ride of wheels and steel,
With flags and banners with our fist as a weapon
In the blue, winking light

But I will mount the top of the mountain
And with my comrades we shout for the day
That our love will travel in free
When the angel of justice took off
In fight together with the firstborn.

— © A poem by Emmanuel G. Mavros

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