The people of hell


Ι say the truth here,
Exhausted and tired,
Chasing one dream and target after another,
Over here at my own world and over there;
I sit quietly, alone in my place,
With a smile to hide watch the demons of society,
Trying to take control and not sell my dream
Living loving and the smile from within;
Charred people, I push them all away and
I push the fake and drop all of them all down to hell,
Way down so that they don’t rise up again,
But when push them down one by one 
Each that goes down, three rises up;
Feeling exhausted and disgust,
I beat and I beat looking for truth,
Hoping for a silver light of moon,
Superstitious people struggle the light and kill
As I keep fighting the mass of demons, real
Inside my head and outside in life without fear.
Smiling for the world and this is my gun
Crying and fighting within for what you are,
The monsters of earth are people without soul
Count for demons; try to get of innocents head,
For once they are down to earth, 
We burn them all again and again
Remember then…
No more darkness against the light;
Too afraid to go to the other side,
You are pathetic, woeful and pitiful 
You always say not ready yet, but I am
I harden my heart, harden my soul and rise up
Without allies I will melt you in there soil belong! 

© 2016 Emmanuel G. Mavros

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