The Rebel reborn deep inside me


Impunity people that don’t see 
Afraid the rebel shortened deep inside me
Behind the truth and full for your lies
Oh yes
A rebel
Soon will reveal
Pits dug of the policies 
Behind a blatant charmed smile
A charismatic voice of an angel
And my sweet eyes will kill
You are there you shall are looking
Wondering where the error occurred
But I will live intensely the beautiful deep blue sea
The Rebel reborn deep inside me

Afraid, you always afraid
In due time
Our hands will be filled with the blood of justice
It shall be the law
Revealing my hand
Everything that stands
Without tears and dirge
For our comrades that is under the ground with honors
For the people to hurt
For the love tear it down
Still would stand
Confident and radiant, ready to defend this land
Equality, egalitarianism, freedom
With you buried, deep in this sand
And all because
You reborn the Rebel deep inside me

They will never feel 
Behind-spoken words of wisdom
Words correctly, for love made
Romantic and true to the kind of
Having a courtesy
Clean, with deep love in my heart
As the blood spilled of thousands
From injustice and promiscuity
Soon you will regret for
The Rebel reborn deep inside me

© 2016 Emmanuel G. Mavros

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